Cold as a motherfucker.


Yay for Snow!

It’s supposed to snow all this weekend. The only sucky thing is that I have to go out on Monday. I’m just hoping that it’s not icy out. Here’s a not so good picture.. that I took while looking out of my window:

The weather web site that I visited said that we’re supposed to get snow all weekend. It’s really beautiful when the snow does drop. I actually enjoy sitting by the window with my kitties and just watching it snow.

Here’s one of them now:

5.8 Magnitude Earthquake

Southern California just got shocked with a 5.8 magntiude earthquake. And everyone there is just acting like it’s nothing. Hehe. Maybe it’s because the Philadelphia area hasn’t had an earthquake since the 1960’s and I’ve never felt one in my life. I was speaking to a fellow guide from my guiding server.. who happens to live in the same city. He actually says that there’s a fault line 60 miles from Philly. Lovely. šŸ˜›

A Year Older

My Mom’s birthday was yesterday. Blake and I got her a birthday card and money. I never know what to get her. She always tells me that she doesn’t want anything. So, I end up giving her money. I didn’t know what else to get her.

Anyway, I finally upgraded to Windows XP. I actually like the fact that I can now run more programs (I was running Windows 2000). Yay. /sarcasm

Last night, there was a thunderstorm. It was pretty nice, sitting in my house.. playing on my computer.. listening to the thunder.. up until the point where a lightening strike hit and our power went out. Then 10 seconds later, it went back on. The sucky part is that I was playing Everquest 1. Thank god I wasn’t fighting a mob, or else I would have been pissed.

This Sucks!

Look at this.

Doesn’t that just suck big donkey balls? Yes, it does. Big fat, sweaty, hairy ones. Yes, I went there. It’s not even fucking summer yet.

Sauna Anyone?

Oh, by the way. 84 percent humidity is not fun. In the middle of winter, fine. But, just look at this shit:

84% humidity. Mother of “god”. It feels like a freaking sauna in here. And it’s not even 80 degrees, for Christ’s sake. *shakes fist*

My hair is paying for this dearly.