Truly Saddened

I am truly saddened, folks. Really, I am. The country, as a whole, decided to elect a man who is sexist, bigoted, misogynist, racist, and a whole slew of things I’m forgetting. As a woman, I am appalled at how many other women voted for him. After all the things he has said on tape about women, I am surprised and just.. appalled that these women could even think to vote for such a horrible individual. I understand not wanting to vote for Hillary, I understand. I didn’t want her as my president either. But, you had a 3rd choice. There was always a third choice. And yet, you women decided to throw away your morals and your dignity for a horrid monster of a human being. I am truly ashamed to be a woman. I am ashamed for the women who voted for him.


I am not a radical feminist, however, part of me is a simple feminist who was taken aback at his comments. To be able to do whatever he pleased, just because he could get away with it. How do you women justify that when you went to vote? How do you sleep at night?


I’m just disgusted at the human race right now.


Ugh! My Wallet is Stolen!

I had my math class last night. We ended the class at around 7P.M. So, I get to the terminal where I have to take my last bus home… And as soon as I get on the bus and sit down, I notice that one of my pockets in my bookbag was unzipped. This part of my backpack held my wallet (the wallet held my debit card, my state issued i.d., my college i.d., and my debit card). I noticed that my wallet was missing. Some douche bag asshole pickpocketed me. I didn’t even notice someone going in. I’m surprised that they didn’t take my cell phone.

The thing that pisses me off though.. I always keep my bookbag zipped up at all times. It was zipped up on the first bus going towards the train station, it was zipped up during my train ride. However, it was unzipped when I got on the freaking last bus. Like, what the fuck, man? This is another reason why I hate Philadelphia. People have no decency. Why would you stoop so low to steal something? Soon as I came home, I searched my bag to see if I had just misplaced my wallet. Nope. No wallet.

So, I called my bank to cancel my debit card and to reissue another one. This morning, I checked my bank statement online and the asshole who stole my wallet made a charge at a McDonald’s. That motherfucker! It made me wonder why that asshole was able to make a charge when I had already cancelled my card. So, I called up my bank.. filed a thing with them. They not only will refund my money that was stolen from me, but they said that if the douche bag was caught, they will press charges. Well, they asked me if I wanted to press charges. I said yes. Not only is it theft, but it’s also fraud (being that when you present your debit/credit card to a merchant, you’re acknowledging the fact that you are that person on the card). So, it’s two counts (theft and fraud) and I’ll make sure that motherfucker gets prosecuted (if they are caught).

One thing that’s funny though; dumb assholes who charge things with other people’s cards don’t realize that majority of things today are electronic. Not only is there a timestamp on the purchase, but there’s a video camera in most stores, including McDonald’s. My bank also stated that if I had any other charges on my card to report it immediately.

Not only am I pissed off at the person who stole my wallet, but I’m also pissed off at myself for not noticing. I know I’m being hard on myself and that it’s not my fault it happened, but this has never happened to me before.

Douche Baggeries!

I got a message on MySpace last night from this little douche bag. Telling me this:

douche bag

Now, to me.. this says.. “I’m pathetic. I’m a loser. I have nothing better to do with my time. Pay attention to me. All I wanna do is piss is you off because I’m a loser.” It’s more funny than anything. Why the fuck would I wanna take my video’s down? I’m glad the loser douche bag was traumatized from it.

First of June

Ahh, first of June.  Summer is coming and I’m starting to hate the heat. Makes me wish I had a house in Canada, so I could escape this dreadful heat and humidity. My dad better turn on the AC and not be a “jew” this year. Blah. If it’s 85 out and the humidity is awful, my ass is turning it on. I don’t give a flying fuck what he says.

What I don’t get is that he’ll waste money on all kinds of useless crap, but he’ll complain about the central air being on. I don’t understand that. Maybe you’ll have more fucking money if you didn’t blow it on crap. Which is why I don’t understand why my Mom hasn’t cut his debit card yet.


My dad is a retard sometimes. Wait, I meant he’s a retard all the time.

god & The Universe

So, I received some religious nonsense today. It tries to explain the existence of the Universe and how it came about. Blah blah blah. Give me a fucking break. I scanned the book in, because I think it’s total bullshit. Firstly, there is no “god” and secondly, everything can be explained with science and mathematics.


All I Have To Say Is..

ha ha!


Britney lost her kids to her ex, Kevin. What can I say, really? We all saw it coming. She was an extremely irresponsible mother, who regardless of repeated warnings, still partied. Still carried around like some tramp. If she didn’t have any children, this would have been acceptable behavior. But! She has 2 children. Therefore, once you have a child pop out, all partying should stop.


She deserves what she gets. Fucking whore. Here’s the link: LINK

It is or it isn’t?

What moron decided to put this on a USPS box?

Now, lemme see. Either I can mail it within my own country or send it to another country? Gee. Is there a 3rd option I never knew about? Or is the box designer just a fucking stupid douche bag? Jebus!