Happy Yom Kippur Beeshes!


Happy Memorial Day

How is everyone celebrating their day? I got to sleep in until 1:30PM. Then my parents came home with food from KFC. I only had one piece of chicken. I couldn’t eat anymore. It’s so ridiculously greasy. I feel like my arteries are going to collapse from clogging. I also had one biscuit, but that’s because KFC biscuits are so yummies. 😛

I wanted to have a BBQ, because hamburgers prepared on a charcoal grill is so yummy with those charred on carcinogens. But, in order to prepare the food to get cooked, it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Plus, it would only be my parents, Blake, and me. If we had a whole shit load of people here, it’d be different. We’d be grillin’ like a motherfucker. Oh well. Plus, for some odd reason, charcoal grills smell better than propane. *shrug*

Hope everyone has a great day.

Home Visit

Well, my brother came by to visit on the 27th. He’s staying for 10 days, along with my new sister-in-law. I can’t stand him, but his wife..I have absolutely no problem with. She’s so quiet. *shrug*

Anyways, I’m not doing much for New Year’s. Quiet night at home, I suppose. Being bored to death. I’ve always wanted to go to NYC, but  there’s just so much noise and people around. I’ll probably buy some daiquiri mix and a bottle of rum and drink that. I don’t know yet. My parents and brother/sister-in-law are going out to some Russian restaurant to celebrate. I refuse to go, because he’ll be there.

Santa is a Douche Bag!

I can’t believe that Yahoo News would actually waste their time to actually write an article about Santa (link here). Personally, I would never lie to my children about the existence of Santa. Can you imagine what will happen when they finally find out? How can they ever trust you again after that?

In other news, I’m bored. Then again, that’s not really news. I’m always bored.


How was everyone’s Turkey Day? Personally, I hate the holidays. All because it’s more about the gifts than spending time with loved ones. I didn’t each much on Turkey Day. Just had some turkey. My mom made her disgusting Russian meals (she’s originally from the Ukraine), which I didn’t bother eating. I just don’t like Russian food. It all looks disgusting to me. And smells like it’s been rotting there for a year.

Anyways, hopefully the holidays will be done and over with quickly!!!