This Sucks!

Look at this.

Doesn’t that just suck big donkey balls? Yes, it does. Big fat, sweaty, hairy ones. Yes, I went there. It’s not even fucking summer yet.


First of June

Ahh, first of June.  Summer is coming and I’m starting to hate the heat. Makes me wish I had a house in Canada, so I could escape this dreadful heat and humidity. My dad better turn on the AC and not be a “jew” this year. Blah. If it’s 85 out and the humidity is awful, my ass is turning it on. I don’t give a flying fuck what he says.

What I don’t get is that he’ll waste money on all kinds of useless crap, but he’ll complain about the central air being on. I don’t understand that. Maybe you’ll have more fucking money if you didn’t blow it on crap. Which is why I don’t understand why my Mom hasn’t cut his debit card yet.


My dad is a retard sometimes. Wait, I meant he’s a retard all the time.