Thank god or meds

A few months ago, I was put onto Ativan. Before that, I was on klonopin, which wasn’t helping as much anymore. However, on Ativan, I can actually feel like myself again. When I’m at the computer, I can actually enjoy my usual hobbies of gaming again. Before Ativan, I used to sit at the computer and just stare at the monitor thinking, “Why am I even here? Why do I even game anymore?” Now, it’s like.. OMGOMGOMG, I LOVE GAMING! It’s amazing how much Ativan has fixed my life. I mean, yeah, it has a high potential of abuse, but I haven’t abused it. So, meh.


Better, But Not Better

The pain in my lower back decided to travel south to my arthritic right knee. Lovely, isn’t it? Granted, I’m not suffering with pain in my lower back, but now I’m hobbling everywhere. Ugh. I can’t win. The silver lining is that my heating pad is arriving today. It amazes me that things are being delivered on a Sunday. But, ya know what? At least my heating pad is arriving today. *does happy dance*

In other news, I am getting back into gaming. I played WoW for a few hours, as well as a few hours in EQ2. As long as it keeps me occupied and keeps me from dwelling on the upcoming winter season, then all the better. You see, not only do I have clinical depression, but every fall (late fall to be exact) and every winter, my depression worsens because of the lack of light (seasonal affective disorder). Because of that, my interest in gaming starts to suffer. All the things I love just seems to suck. I want to lay in bed and sleep all day. And as an adult, I have to adult. And ya know what? Adulting sucks when your depression worsens. Adulting sucks anyway, but depression just sucks every ounce of energy out of your body. Just getting out of bed seems like a huge effort. Yup.

Like, omigawd.

I tried out a new MMORPG. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I linked a picture of what my first toon looks like. Isn’t she so freaking adorable? Well, not so much adorable, but hot. *snicker*Clipboard01

What are my first thoughts on Final Fantasy XIV? Well, I was never really a big fan of the franchise prior to this game. Sure, I had a couple games for my Nintendo DS, blah blah blah. But, I was never one of those types of uber fans that went googoo over it.

Anyway, I tried out FF XIV earlier this week because I was getting tired of the stale EQ1/EQ2/WoW hack and slash bullshit. Sure, those games are fun to me and I’ll never leave behind my precious EverQuest. But, I wanted something new. The game play for this game is… different and strange. For me personally, it took some time to get accustomed to it, but eventually I got into the game. Overall, I do like the game and can see myself playing it more and more often. ❤

Another Annoyance of Mine

So, one annoyance of mine is when people can’t look up information for themselves. Let me give you an example:


So, let me explain the situation. This douche bag kept asking 1-9 Chat (this is EverQuest 2, btw) questions.. Over and over again, and no one was answering his question. So, basically he was wasting him asking chat about his question. In the time he wasted on asking, he could have just simply looked it up. That type of information is all over EverQuest 2 sites, like Allakhazam. But, ya know.. Douche bags are fucking lazy and refuse to even do things for themselves. They’d rather pester the fuck out of people until someone helps them.

This reminds me of society. We, as a whole, have gotten lazy. We expect others to do our shit for us. Instead of doing it for ourselves (and have it done quicker if we had just done it ourselves), we just wait around for someone else to do it. This type of attitude annoys the fuck out of me. I would rather do it myself.

As far as in-game information goes, I would rather look up information and not pester people for it. The only time I ask questions is when I’ve already searched the internet and I couldn’t find any info. This is one of the annoyances that annoy the fuck out of me when it comes to MMORPG’s.

New Changes

Two days ago, EverQuest went down for a patch. In that patch, Firiona Vie was patched to have a perma xp bonus. 50% extra to be exact. This is the first of the changes that are coming for the old server. The developers, I assume.. want to save a dying server. I started on Firiona Vie way back in 2004 when I started playing EverQuest for the first time. I remember making a wood elf ranger by the name of Hecate (I was really into reading about gods/goddesses back them). Anyway, she never got past level 35 until I either switched to the Stromm server or started playing Guild Wars. I forget. But I did quit for a few months to play Guild Wars with Blake. Eventually after a few months, I came back. That old familiar itch came back and I just had to play. This time I came back to Firiona Vie and rerolled into a high elf cleric by the name of Mewwy. She’s level 75 with close to 800 aa’s at the moment. The guild I was in kept trying to push me to end content, but I refused. “We need more knowledgeable clerics, instead of stupid mercs.” They said.

Anyway, my point is… Next month or February, they’re allowing transfers into Firona Vie for free (I’m assuming to save the server from completely dying). And the permanent xp bonus, I’m also assuming is to entice people to start coming back or having people transfer over. I’ve been wanting to come back to Firiona Vie for so long. I miss my old friends. I love the fa

Everquest Housing

With the last expansion, House of Thule.. The developers added housing to EQ1. And with that, I decided to be a perv and do this:

Odd and random. *nod* 🙂

New Fallout Game, YAY. :P

I picked up my order of Fallout: New Vegas last night and started playing it. I am so happy it finally came out. I’ve had the game pre-ordered a few months ago and have been putting away $5 a week for it (so I won’t have to pay a whole lump sum when I picked it up).

My first impression of the game was pretty awesome. This week and weekend, I’ll probably play more of it and try to get at least a few more trophies. In the last few months, I’ve been playing more and more console games and less MMO’s. Have no clue why. Anyway, Fallout is pretty sweet (if you’re into shooter rpg’s). I was never really into shooter games before Fallout, but at the suggestion of a friend.. I had picked up Fallout 3 and fell in love with it.