Truly Saddened

I am truly saddened, folks. Really, I am. The country, as a whole, decided to elect a man who is sexist, bigoted, misogynist, racist, and a whole slew of things I’m forgetting. As a woman, I am appalled at how many other women voted for him. After all the things he has said on tape about women, I am surprised and just.. appalled that these women could even think to vote for such a horrible individual. I understand not wanting to vote for Hillary, I understand. I didn’t want her as my president either. But, you had a 3rd choice. There was always a third choice. And yet, you women decided to throw away your morals and your dignity for a horrid monster of a human being. I am truly ashamed to be a woman. I am ashamed for the women who voted for him.


I am not a radical feminist, however, part of me is a simple feminist who was taken aback at his comments. To be able to do whatever he pleased, just because he could get away with it. How do you women justify that when you went to vote? How do you sleep at night?


I’m just disgusted at the human race right now.


Food Shopping Woes

So, I had went to this deli the other day. I head over to the cashier to ring up my food. The cashier, who appears to be a dunce and a half, is sitting there texting. Her first sentence out of that stupid mouth of hers is: “Hold on a second.” Excuse you, you stupid bitch. I’m a customer and my money contributes to your goddamn pay check!

Being the bitch that I am, I said to her, “Hey miss. How about you stop texting and start doing your damn job?” And I made sure to say this out loud in case her boss was in ear shot. This snapped her out of her stupor and she got back to her job.

This is one of my fucking pet peeves. You are not paid to sit there and text all day. You are there to ring up my food and bag it. I don’t give a flying fuck how boring your job is, you’re there to service me. You do not tell me to hold on while you’re texting your friends and your boyfriends. You shut up and do your goddamn job and if she even gave me an damn attitude, I would have went straight to her boss and made a bitch fest. I would not have left without making a scene. Yes, I am that bitchy. I do not stand there and be disrespected by some stupid girl cashier.


I think I may have a reoccuring case of Bartholin’s cyst. Not very fun. The last time I had cysts in my labia, it was extremely painful. I had went to the emergency room and the doctor there had to give me a shot of morphine and a local anesthetic. Then she went in and sliced the labia open to drain out the fluid. Yeah, I know.. disgusting. But being a woman sucks.

Anyways, I’m having pain in my labia again. In the same area where it was painful before. If it gets works, I guess my fat ass is going to the doctor.


Do people actually think that people will fall for this scam?

Oh wait, stupid people do. All the time. Like my father. Without Blake and I, he would have fallen for the stupid Nigarian scam long ago. So, now they’re using a new scam to bring in the gullable people? Pfft.

Edit: I did a search for this Sgt. Allen Brown on Google and found out that the email has been being going around. Link => Douche Bag

Mmm… Jell-o!

So, I made some sugar free Jell-o today. Just because it has less calories than regular stuff. So, I looked up gelatin on Wikipedia and guess what it’s made out of?

Mmmmm..! Delicious! Almost makes me wanna go out and eat some right this second! Yummers!