Weird Probelm

Majority of the time, I’m on my laptop (which has a wireless option, if I choose to go wireless). Anyway, whenever I lean on the laptop (usually I place my elbow over the part of the laptop that has the wireless on/off switch), the internet connection turns off. That screenshot up top.. The internet connection thingie.. gets an x in it and I can’t connect to anything. It’s weird, but I have no clue why it suddenly started doing that. Prior to yesterday, I never had a problem. Bleh. It’s not like my elbow is suddenly turning on the wireless thingie.


Free Realms

My newest addiction right now…… is:

And for the fucking life of me, I cannot load this stupid game into Firefox. Everytime I try to log in, the browser crashes. I’ve even disabled AdBlock Pro, disabled firewall, anti-virus, everything. It still crashes. I’ve even downgraded to an earlier version of Firefox. Nothing. But! It works perfectly fine with Internet Explorer 8. And I have absolutely no reason why.

Any idea’s, internet land?

Sony Vaio Laptop

Last month, I saw the addition of a new laptop. I finally was able to save up enough money for a Sony Vaio. Here’s the link: Link. Anyways, it’s a sweet little laptop. The only thing I hate about it is that I was unable to “upgrade” Vista to Windows XP, because it didn’t have the SATA drivers. I’m thinking that maybe I needed the 64-bit version of XP. ~sigh~ Oh well. I uninstalled majority of the software that came with the computer, because I didn’t really need it. It’s extra fluff that really slows down the performance. It has a dual core processor, which makes 2-boxing in Everquest a tad easier. I’ve always wanted a laptop and was so freaking happy I finally got one.

Quit Buggin’ Me!

Every now and then, I’ll get an e-mail from someone I don’t know. They think that I’m someone else and they’ll send me something private. It’s incredibly annoying. Don’t these people know that it doesn’t matter if you e-mail miss.jackie or missjackie at, it still goes to the same stupid e-mail address? Jesus. And who are these bitches that are giving out their e-mail address as miss.jackie?

And sometimes, they don’t even stop e-mailing me. They continue on their normal way, because they’re stupid douche bags.

SoE Sucks

I may be a “guide” for Everquest 1, but the douche bags improperly flagged my Everquest 2 as inactive on the forums. I can log in and play, but my account is flagged as “general”, which means the only forum I can post in is the Trial forum and nothing else. What’s up with that shit? And on top of that, I *can* post on their EQ1 forums, but not their EQ2 ones. How retarded are they over there?!


Finally, I receive an e-mail alert from Amazon that I could pre-order GTA: IV for the PC. Only thing is that it doesn’t come out until late November. Which sucks big donkey balls. I have to wait another 3 months. Blah.

Only thing I’m really worried about is the system requirements. >.<

Facebook Anyone?

Hey everyone. Just wondering if anyone else uses Facebook? I actually like that site more than MySpace, due to MySpace being very laggy and very buggy. I’ve never heard horrible things about Facebook. *shrug*