Election Day

So, it’s Election Day. Thank fucking god. I am so goddamn tired of hearing all of these election ads. Whenever I watch television, every other commercial, was one of them goddamn stupid election ads. I was at the point where I wanted to pull my goddamn hair out. Ugh!


Anyway, it’s also Nanwrimo month. I have been writing my ass off for that. I’m working on my second novel. And what are my novels about? Complete and utter bullshit, that’s what. I write them to be silly and stupid. And nothing else. =P

How is everyone else?


Thank god

My pain has gone for now, due to Neurontin. Thank fucking god. If it weren’t for Neurontin, I’d be sitting here in pain like usual. So, my plan is this: if the pain comes back, take another pill.

In other news, I think I’m getting back into posting and such. Yay for me!

Man, I remember I used to have a huge following. And then suddenly I stopped blogging for some odd reason. However, I do hope I write more regularly and gain more followers and such.


Like, omigawd.

I tried out a new MMORPG. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I linked a picture of what my first toon looks like. Isn’t she so freaking adorable? Well, not so much adorable, but hot. *snicker*Clipboard01

What are my first thoughts on Final Fantasy XIV? Well, I was never really a big fan of the franchise prior to this game. Sure, I had a couple games for my Nintendo DS, blah blah blah. But, I was never one of those types of uber fans that went googoo over it.

Anyway, I tried out FF XIV earlier this week because I was getting tired of the stale EQ1/EQ2/WoW hack and slash bullshit. Sure, those games are fun to me and I’ll never leave behind my precious EverQuest. But, I wanted something new. The game play for this game is… different and strange. For me personally, it took some time to get accustomed to it, but eventually I got into the game. Overall, I do like the game and can see myself playing it more and more often. ❤

Oy Jebus.

You know, I thought writing a book on satire was going to be easy. Place a little sarcastic comedy here.. a little there. And bam, a 50,000 word book I can submit. Nope, not easy. At all. I’m up to 8,000 and I’m running out of idea’s. I know what I want to write. I even came up with idea’s for each chapter (I’m writing a fake self-help book, completely and utterly ridiculously not helpful too).

The coming up with words isn’t so hard, since I can take a few days break when I have a mental block. But, I’m also placing images inside of my book; which is proving to be even harder than writing this damn book. I have to scour the whole interwebs just for public domain pictures. Luckily, I found a few through Wikipedia. Some of them are listed as public domain, which means I can use them for my book and junk.

I’m up to chapter 5 already. I was thinking of writing around 15 or so. Here’s to hoping I can fill up at least 50,000 words!

Test Test ^_^

The other day, I went through apps for WordPress and I found Windows Live Writer. I wanted something different than just the plan text editor that the site has. So, I’m testing it right now and seeing if I like this app. It’s a little button friendly, but I suppose I’ll get used to that.


Anyway, testing out the photo and text feature too. This picture is of my drakkin wizard from EQ1 (Gooshy). Will probably move her to the Firiona Vie server as soon as transfers open. The developers are on vacation until today, supposedly.

I like this app a lot actually. I’ve always wanted to insert photo’s and write things in this manner, instead of like what I used to do before. Why the fuck didn’t I download this before? It boggles me.

In other news, I have student orientation next week. I fucking absolutely cannot wait. I’m so excited. I’m finally able to start school and my student loans are finally out of default (blah, blah, blah). Hoping to get out of the house more often, because my family drives me fucking nuts.


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this past Saturday. It was pretty uneventful for me since my parents are Jewish and Blake and I are atheists. We ordered out Chinese food (we didn’t feel like cooking). On Sunday, we received a whole shitload of snow (I think around 10-12 inches full). We were supposed to go out today, but we decided we’d stay home since it’s so shitty out.

Next month, I have to go downtown to get my college student I.D. done and then have a student orientation thingie. Then about a week or so later, I officially start. I’m so freaking excited. 2 years there and then transfer to a 4 year college and do another 2 years. Move out of my parent’s house. Hoping to move to Canada. I can’t stand this country anymore (that’s another discussion another time). Anyway, time to drink my coffee and relax.


I can’t believe that it’s almost the end of the year. Nothing special happened, I can tell you that much. Other than turning 30, I don’t have much to tell. After turning 30, I felt like I’d start getting wrinkles and blah blah blah. Blake always makes fun of me and calls me Granny or something similar.

School loans are out of default now, so I’m happy about that. Everything’s paid back and I can finally start school. I was supposed to start last January, but I found out I can’t get any loans or state/federal grants if I’m in default. So, I had to wait. And wait. And wait. Oy. I wasn’t happy that I fucked up when I was younger. You see, I had went to a business school when I was around 20 to take up ‘Web Development’. I never finished. So, I had school loans I couldn’t pay back because when I started… I expected to graduate and get a job afterwards and pay back my loans. Of course, the whole internet bubble burst and I for some reason didn’t want to continue my education in computers. I changed direction and finally decided I wanted to help people instead. So now, I’ll be majoring in psychology.

Anyway, my future goal is to get my degree and move out of this fucking city. There’s always going to be mentally ill people out there and there’s always openings in the medical field. For now, the medical field is secure (in this economy anyways).

We’ll see what next year brings, I suppose.