Better, But Not Better

The pain in my lower back decided to travel south to my arthritic right knee. Lovely, isn’t it? Granted, I’m not suffering with pain in my lower back, but now I’m hobbling everywhere. Ugh. I can’t win. The silver lining is that my heating pad is arriving today. It amazes me that things are being delivered on a Sunday. But, ya know what? At least my heating pad is arriving today. *does happy dance*

In other news, I am getting back into gaming. I played WoW for a few hours, as well as a few hours in EQ2. As long as it keeps me occupied and keeps me from dwelling on the upcoming winter season, then all the better. You see, not only do I have clinical depression, but every fall (late fall to be exact) and every winter, my depression worsens because of the lack of light (seasonal affective disorder). Because of that, my interest in gaming starts to suffer. All the things I love just seems to suck. I want to lay in bed and sleep all day. And as an adult, I have to adult. And ya know what? Adulting sucks when your depression worsens. Adulting sucks anyway, but depression just sucks every ounce of energy out of your body. Just getting out of bed seems like a huge effort. Yup.


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