Noisey Peoples!

So, ever since moving to this new neighborhood, I have heard nothing but people arguing outside of their houses. It’s entertaining and annoying at the same time. Entertaining in that I get to hear all kinds of juicy shit that goes on in their lives. It gets annoying when I’m trying to have a relaxing night trying to read a book or enjoy a TV show and some shmuck outside is doing nothing but arguing. C’mon people, get some fucking class. If you’re going to argue, take it inside. No one wants to hear your bullshit!

In other news, instead of heading to Drexel to finish out my bachelor degree in psychotherapy, I’m forced to go to Temple. Why? Because those pricks at Drexel want $54,000 a year (which, in order to get my bachelor’s, I have to do 2 more years, resulting in $108,000 in debts). Temple is $14,000 for 1 year. Drexel was my dream school. Better education, but unfortunately the price tag reflects it. When I found out that my financial aid wouldn’t cover the full cost, I was super pissed. *sigh* Oh well, life is full of disappointments. Might as well learn this now, then later.


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