Another Annoyance of Mine

So, one annoyance of mine is when people can’t look up information for themselves. Let me give you an example:


So, let me explain the situation. This douche bag kept asking 1-9 Chat (this is EverQuest 2, btw) questions.. Over and over again, and no one was answering his question. So, basically he was wasting him asking chat about his question. In the time he wasted on asking, he could have just simply looked it up. That type of information is all over EverQuest 2 sites, like Allakhazam. But, ya know.. Douche bags are fucking lazy and refuse to even do things for themselves. They’d rather pester the fuck out of people until someone helps them.

This reminds me of society. We, as a whole, have gotten lazy. We expect others to do our shit for us. Instead of doing it for ourselves (and have it done quicker if we had just done it ourselves), we just wait around for someone else to do it. This type of attitude annoys the fuck out of me. I would rather do it myself.

As far as in-game information goes, I would rather look up information and not pester people for it. The only time I ask questions is when I’ve already searched the internet and I couldn’t find any info. This is one of the annoyances that annoy the fuck out of me when it comes to MMORPG’s.


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