Writing a Book :)

Hey hey. I guess I’m back to blogging.

Anyway, I’ve been writing a book. Nothing fancy, of course. It’s a mock self-help book. And since Amazon has a self-publishing thing, I’m going to go with them when I finish. I’ve been using public domain photo’s because well.. I need pics and shit. Smile The whole premise of the book is to mock all those self-help books that are out there. I plan on making it the most ridiculous book ever. The more ridiculous, the better! I just got done with chapter one. I’m not sure how long I’ll make it… Probably at least 10-15 chapters.. I guess when I get bored of writing it, hehe.

Anyway, in other news… I graduated from the local community college and am now moving on to one of those fancy universities to get my bachelor’s in psychology. I was thinking of minoring in neurology though, which would help when I go into psychotherapy.


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