Volcano E-Cig Juice Review #1 =)

So, last year I picked up a few things from Volcano (which included a starter kit,


some “juice”, and some tankomizers). Needless to say, I will not be purchasing anything more from their web site. Why? Firstly, they’re overly expensive. You can buy similar eGo style batteries on other web sites for far cheaper. Secondly, you can also buy “juice” from other web sites (again) for far cheaper. The “juice” that’s pictured here and in case you can’t see it; it’s named “Sweet Tart”. Granted, their stuff is quite tasty, but I can also get the same quality stuff for $10.99 for a 30 mL bottle, instead of their outrageous price of $14.99 for the same size.

When I first used “Sweet Tart”, I had never used a fruity flavor before. I had always vaped chocolate-based, coffee-based, or menthol flavors. I really enjoyed it and decided that I would try out other fruity flavors, albeit from other vendors. The reason I picked up stuff from their web site is because: a) their stuff is made within the States, and b) I was still new to vaping and didn’t know about other vendors.

If you truly want something to vape and are in a pinch for money, do not shop there. You’ll be out of money shortly. However, if you’re in the mindset that costlier is better, sure.. go ahead.


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