Dulce de Leche E-Liquid

This is a review about e-liquid (terminology used for people who use electronic cigarettes).

When I first started vaping, I started out with Blu e-cigs. After two weeks of having to deal with the wretched things, I’ve realized that I hated their batteries (they would only last 30 minutes with heavy vaping). Then I stumbled upon V2 e-cigs. The batteries lasted longer, but I wanted something more. When I made the move to eGo style batteries, I’ve realized that I’ve found something I’ve always wanted. A longer battery life with very heavy vaping.

That being said, I kept hearing about dulce de leche e-liquid on the V2 forums. I bought a 30 mL bottle of it from Vixen Vapors on a Friday, and I received my order the following Monday (by the way, the company does ship quite quickly). Once I had the bottle in my hands, I allowed the liquid to steep for a week. Once the steeping was done, I filled up my clearomizer and started vaping. The very first thought that came to my mind was, “Oh. My. God. I have died and went to heaven.” Upon inhaling, it tastes really sweet, but not overly sweet. Upon exhaling, I was able to notice a caramel taste, which is quite heavenly. The liquid is so good that I ended going through the 30 mL bottle in two weeks.

I found another web site that offers dulce de leche e-liquid, but for a much cheaper price (instead of $14 at Vixen, this other place was selling it for $10.99). We’ll see how well that goes. 🙂


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