My First Impression of Aion

A friend of mine suggested that I play Aion, now that it’s free to play. I figured, what exactly do I have to lose? It is after all, a free to play game. I wouldn’t need to drop any money down to buy the game and the expansions.

One thing that I’ve noticed that the long download times for the actual game. It’s about 1.3 Gigs worth of stuff you have to download. I suppose it’s not as bad as trying to reinstall World of Warcraft. That beast of a game takes on average.. 8 hours.

One thing that annoyed me right off the bat is when you’re logging to your character. It asks for a pin number that you assigned yourself when you created your character. Really? Is all that necessary? One thing I would like about this pin selection screen is the ability to enter in my pin number using my keypad. I’m a fast typer and would prefer it this way.


Another thing that annoyed me is this:


The inability to block spammers. I have went through every window option for the chat thing and cannot, for the life of me, find the ignore button. Another thing that I have not noticed the inability to darken the window. Every single game I have ever played in the past, be it Guild Wars, EverQuest 1 and Everquest 2, and World of Warcraft, allowed you to darken the chat box. This isn’t so in Aion. Even if I tried to ask in world chat on how I can change my options, I have to wait until level 11. Level 11?!?! I have never seen such a game put such a restriction on chat channels. Ever. So far, this all my gripes for now. Will update later. 🙂


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