Ugh! My Wallet is Stolen!

I had my math class last night. We ended the class at around 7P.M. So, I get to the terminal where I have to take my last bus home… And as soon as I get on the bus and sit down, I notice that one of my pockets in my bookbag was unzipped. This part of my backpack held my wallet (the wallet held my debit card, my state issued i.d., my college i.d., and my debit card). I noticed that my wallet was missing. Some douche bag asshole pickpocketed me. I didn’t even notice someone going in. I’m surprised that they didn’t take my cell phone.

The thing that pisses me off though.. I always keep my bookbag zipped up at all times. It was zipped up on the first bus going towards the train station, it was zipped up during my train ride. However, it was unzipped when I got on the freaking last bus. Like, what the fuck, man? This is another reason why I hate Philadelphia. People have no decency. Why would you stoop so low to steal something? Soon as I came home, I searched my bag to see if I had just misplaced my wallet. Nope. No wallet.

So, I called my bank to cancel my debit card and to reissue another one. This morning, I checked my bank statement online and the asshole who stole my wallet made a charge at a McDonald’s. That motherfucker! It made me wonder why that asshole was able to make a charge when I had already cancelled my card. So, I called up my bank.. filed a thing with them. They not only will refund my money that was stolen from me, but they said that if the douche bag was caught, they will press charges. Well, they asked me if I wanted to press charges. I said yes. Not only is it theft, but it’s also fraud (being that when you present your debit/credit card to a merchant, you’re acknowledging the fact that you are that person on the card). So, it’s two counts (theft and fraud) and I’ll make sure that motherfucker gets prosecuted (if they are caught).

One thing that’s funny though; dumb assholes who charge things with other people’s cards don’t realize that majority of things today are electronic. Not only is there a timestamp on the purchase, but there’s a video camera in most stores, including McDonald’s. My bank also stated that if I had any other charges on my card to report it immediately.

Not only am I pissed off at the person who stole my wallet, but I’m also pissed off at myself for not noticing. I know I’m being hard on myself and that it’s not my fault it happened, but this has never happened to me before.


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