School and Stuff

So, I decided to try out posting at school, since they have free wifi. I have 45 minutes before my math class starts and I needed something to do before then.

Anyway, I’ve been enjoying the new semester. I have Sociology 101, Biology 106 (I have absolutely no idea why they gave a 106 with beginner biology courses), and a math course. I need 2 math courses before I graduate. I still don’t understand why I need math courses when I’m majoring in Psychology. It makes absolutely no sense to me. I understand if I needed to take a statistics class, which kind of.. kiiiiiiinnnnd of relates to psychology, if I were to go into research. But, these are just regular algebra crap classes. I guess it’s their way of making money off of students.

With biology class, I have to have lab along with it. I haven’t had lab classes since high school, so I’m kind of nervous about it. We have lab classes twice a week. I’m more of a social science kind of person, not a nature-related kind of science person.

Anyway, I’ll try update my blog more often.. If I have time in between classes, I guess I’ll post more often. Wish me luck. šŸ™‚


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