Updated News

How was everyone’s July 4th holiday? Mine, well.. It was kinda crappy. The weekend before July 4th (July 2-3rd), I had a high fever (it ended up at 103° before I ended up taking an aspirin to lower it). Anyway, after I took the aspirin, the fever broke. Unfortunately, on Monday I ended up in the emergency room with a swollen and painful right foot. I couldn’t even walk on it. So, I’m in the emergency room on July 4th and they tell me I have to stay overnight. I’m like “fucking great, I hate hospitals.” They kept me until Thursday. And what’s even worse, they placed a post-surgery woman in the same room as me. Nothing is like hearing some old fart screaming and crying in pain at 2 in the morning.

Anyway, lots of other things have been happening in my life. I finished up the summer semester at the college. I took 2 classes this semester, because I had leftover federal/state grant money (and didn’t have anymore money for more summer classes, oh well).

Here are my grades:


Now, as you can see, I received an A in my computer class. 18 years of computer experience, baby. I swear, if I received anything less than an A, I would have personally taken my foot, and shoved it right up my anus. I’m nowhere near a computer novice, so getting anything less than an A would make me feel incredibly stupid. English Composition, however, isn’t my specialty. Sure, I have creative idea’s. But to actually write them down in a way that’s understandable to the reader.. well, that’s a whole ‘nother beast. Getting a B is still good, I suppose. It’s  not perfect, but oh well. I did however, raise my GPA. When I finished my Spring semester, I finished with a 3.0. After this semester, it was raised to 3.25, which made me incredibly happy.


Anyway, I’ve been cleaning out my closet. I decided to donate my old novels, because they’re just taking up space. If someone else could better use them, then whatever. I don’t mind donating them. Hell, if they were to go to a homeless shelter, that’d be great. So far, I’ve packed up 2 boxes and I’m up to 66 books being packed. I have to make sure I don’t over do it because my foot is still swollen. I suppose 2 boxes a day is good. ~shrug~


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