The Pain! Ew.

So, this past week.. my knee has been killing me. So much so that I’m limping around the school campus. By the time I get home, I’m crying from pain. I carry around a huge ass book bag, because well.. I need materials to learn with at school. So, all that weight is baring down on my knees and back. The upside though is that my upper body no longer hurts, because the book bag is straightening my back out. Since I have huge breasts, they tend to make me hunched over from the weight, but the weight of the book bag pulls my shoulders back, allowing me to sit up straight. This also no longer puts pressure on my upper back.

My theory about why my knee is killing me is that I recently started taking a Vitamin D pill again. I remember a few months ago, Blake started taking a Vitamin D pill and his back started to kill him SOOOOOOOO much. Side effects of too much Vitamin D in the blood are: ” vomiting, constipation, dehydration, irritability, bone pain, sore eyes, muscle problems, frequent need to urinate, anorexia (decreased appetite) and fatigue.” So, perhaps my body is not eliminating the vitamin D. I don’t know.

I’m going to conduct an experiment. I’m going to stop taking my vitamin D pill for about a week or so. If the pain decreases, then the culprit is the vitamin. If the pain continues, I’m going to try going without the pill for a 2nd week. If after 2 weeks, I’m still in pain, I’m going to sum it up to stupid arthritis.

Wish me luck.

3 Responses to “The Pain! Ew.”

  1. The Hook Says:

    Good luck! Get stronger soon.

  2. Darkerson Says:

    Arthritis is something else. I have it in my lower back and as I get older, I can tell when the weather is going to change and all that “fun” stuff,
    Hopefully it is indeed the pills, and not arthritis.

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