I’m back =)

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything on my blog and for that, I’m sorry. I guess. I’ve been so fucking  busy with school, it’s unbelievable. I started at one of the local colleges here in January. I originally had English, Psych 101, and Behavioral Health 101. 2 of the professors (Psych & Behavioral) were so incredibly nice to me. The English professor however, oh my god. She was the nastiest dried up old cunt I have ever met. I have never met such a nasty cunt before (well, as far as professors go). She berated us in front of other class mates, she read our test scores out loud (which is illegal to do so, because there’s a federal law that prohibits professors from reading test scores).

Anyway, I reported her for being so nasty. Unfortunately, since she has 40+ years tenure, there wasn’t much I could do about her. She however, asked me in class why I had reported her. I felt so pissed off that her English department had snitched on me. I told her that I didn’t like her attitude towards us. In the end though, I did pass her class. And I am eve so grateful that I’m out of that cunt’s class. And god, I fucking hate her. I wouldn’t wish her on my worst enemy. Well ok, maybe I would.

Currently, I’m taking 2 summer classes. I had enough Pell grant money leftover from last semester. So, I took advantage of it and was able to take English 101 (I had the cunt for a developmental English class, whatever) and CIS 103 (which is some applied computer technology course). It’s a 7 week accelerated course, which ends on June 30th. English is okay, but the computer class is so retarded easy. On our first day of class, he explained how to zip files and what a hierarchy of folders were. ~rolls eyes~ This computer course is going to be an easy ‘A’. I mean, for fuck’s sake; I have 18 years of computer experience. What makes me laugh the most is that some people are so incredibly confused and feel like they’re being left behind. Oh lordy.

Next semester, I’m taking one of 3 required math classes, Biology 106, and Sociology 101. In case you peeps are wondering, I’m majoring in Psychology. I have absolutely no idea why I need math. I guess it’s a way for the college to make money off of me. Although I’m barely paying a cent. Majority of my tuition is being paid for by state and federal grants (yay me!)

In other news, I recently bought a Wii and my first game, the Wii Fit (with the balance board). I have lost 10 pounds so far. I’ve been drinking a lot more diet soda and  bottled water, instead of regular soda. I’m hoping to lose more weight. Since I’m doing a lot of walking at school, by the time I get home I’m exhausted. I’m mostly doing the Wii Fit during the weekends, since I can rest before exercising. After my 7 weeks are up and I have the rest of the summer off, I’ll be able to use the Wii Fit more often (I’ll probably do it 4-5 times a week).

Anyway, I guess that’s it for now. I’ll try to update my blog more often (at least 3 times a week) with more boring crap about my life. =)

One Response to “I’m back =)”

  1. The Hook Says:

    It’s not boring at all! Awesome post!

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