Just…. Yuck!

So, I’m on my way home from school this past Wednesday. I had student orientation and had to get my school I.D. done. It was fucking freezing out, mind you. Anyway, I’m on the bus home and I see this guy doing this:


Why the fuck would you sit there with your hand in your fucking pants like that? That’s just freaking weird. I mean, it’s not disgusting or anything. Well, it kind is.. when you’re an unattractive douche bag like this guy. And he just sits there like nothing’s happening. I happen to just snap a picture without the flash on so that no one will see me taking a picture on my phone. I’m a sneaky sneak like that. ^_^

Anyway, if he were to try to pick up any women… that’s completely not the way to do it. My mind boggles as to why someone would sit on the bus with a hand in their pants and just sit there nonchalantly. Does his balls itch? Is his pubic hair itchy? Or maybe his cock has a rash and it’s itchy? Who the fuck knows? And he had his hand in there the whole entire time I was on the bus. Nasty.

In other news, I start next week. I have to go see the career counselor’s office sometime next week and talk with them about what classes I need to take in order to be ready to transfer over to a school like Drexel (after my 2 years are up at CCP). 2 years at CCP and then another 2 years at a 4 year college. Yay for me. I’m so fucking nervous.


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