Today was a pretty boring day for me, other than having to go see a doctor and food shopping. I was pretty frustrated at the doctor’s though. I had a 3:30PM appointment. I get there at 3:00 and there’s like 5 people ahead of me. This place usually overbooks people like a motherfucker and it annoys me like hell. The doctor is pretty nice though. One of the receptionists is a complete dunce cap, but she’s pretty hot looking. She has this snooty attitude. I’d probably fuck her and then smack the shit out of her for being a cunt.

Anyway, take a look at this:


Isn’t that awesome? I usually *only* go food shopping once a month. $113 a month isn’t bad when you’re buying for two people. It’s not that I don’t have money to pay for more food. It’s that I fucking hate food shopping. I hate waiting in line, unpacking the food.. then packing it up and then unloading it in the car. Blah blah blah. The $113 was after I saved money. I would have paid more than $250. For a month’s worth of food. I think my best was $200 saved during a shopping trip. Just wish I had more coupons, oh well. I need to start looking around on internet coupon sites, so I can print out more coupons. Those fuckers save me some serious money. God, I’m so cheap. Smile with tongue out But, I love it. When I got home, my legs and back were killing me. I had to have Blake put the food away because I was in so much pain. That’s another reason why I hate going food shopping. It’s the unloading into the frig that I hate even more. I need a personal slave, yo.


4 Responses to “Yum”

  1. moklok Says:

    Great savings. Does Blake live with you? Is it his car? Do you drive it sometimes?

  2. moklok Says:

    Hello? Going to answer the questions you get in your comments?

  3. missjackie Says:

    Sorry, been busy.

    Yep, Blake does live with me. I don’t drive because it’s too expensive at the moment. Most of my money at the current moment is going towards school tuition, books, bills, food, etc.

  4. moklok Says:

    Do you both get to stay for free at your parents’ house? Do you know how to drive?

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