Test Test ^_^

The other day, I went through apps for WordPress and I found Windows Live Writer. I wanted something different than just the plan text editor that the site has. So, I’m testing it right now and seeing if I like this app. It’s a little button friendly, but I suppose I’ll get used to that.


Anyway, testing out the photo and text feature too. This picture is of my drakkin wizard from EQ1 (Gooshy). Will probably move her to the Firiona Vie server as soon as transfers open. The developers are on vacation until today, supposedly.

I like this app a lot actually. I’ve always wanted to insert photo’s and write things in this manner, instead of like what I used to do before. Why the fuck didn’t I download this before? It boggles me.

In other news, I have student orientation next week. I fucking absolutely cannot wait. I’m so excited. I’m finally able to start school and my student loans are finally out of default (blah, blah, blah). Hoping to get out of the house more often, because my family drives me fucking nuts.

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