Band Wagon

So WordPress is having this thing about blogging. Post a day or post a week thingie mijing; I guess to motivate people to blog more often. I suppose I should post more often myself. I need more traffic anyways. ~grin~

Anyway, my new year’s was pretty quiet. Blake and I went over to the state store to pick up some rum and port wine (which I’m drinking myself because he doesn’t like dry wine). After that, we hit the supermarket to pick up eggnog, daiquiri mix, and some snackies. The rum we got.. was Captain Morgan’s 100 proof (I’m assuming it contains more alcohol than the normal crap). I didn’t get smashed or anything.. just a tad tipsy. Around 3:30 in the morning, one of my Everquest friends decided to drunk dial me… It was entertaining, at least. It was my first time ever getting a drunk phone call. Hehe.

Anyway, have a good year, yadda yadda shmadda. Here’s hoping my lazy ass posts more.

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One Response to “Band Wagon”

  1. mjcache Says:

    Loved your gravatar – hilarious…and yes sanity is a drag.

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