I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this past Saturday. It was pretty uneventful for me since my parents are Jewish and Blake and I are atheists. We ordered out Chinese food (we didn’t feel like cooking). On Sunday, we received a whole shitload of snow (I think around 10-12 inches full). We were supposed to go out today, but we decided we’d stay home since it’s so shitty out.

Next month, I have to go downtown to get my college student I.D. done and then have a student orientation thingie. Then about a week or so later, I officially start. I’m so freaking excited. 2 years there and then transfer to a 4 year college and do another 2 years. Move out of my parent’s house. Hoping to move to Canada. I can’t stand this country anymore (that’s another discussion another time). Anyway, time to drink my coffee and relax.


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