New Changes

Two days ago, EverQuest went down for a patch. In that patch, Firiona Vie was patched to have a perma xp bonus. 50% extra to be exact. This is the first of the changes that are coming for the old server. The developers, I assume.. want to save a dying server. I started on Firiona Vie way back in 2004 when I started playing EverQuest for the first time. I remember making a wood elf ranger by the name of Hecate (I was really into reading about gods/goddesses back them). Anyway, she never got past level 35 until I either switched to the Stromm server or started playing Guild Wars. I forget. But I did quit for a few months to play Guild Wars with Blake. Eventually after a few months, I came back. That old familiar itch came back and I just had to play. This time I came back to Firiona Vie and rerolled into a high elf cleric by the name of Mewwy. She’s level 75 with close to 800 aa’s at the moment. The guild I was in kept trying to push me to end content, but I refused. “We need more knowledgeable clerics, instead of stupid mercs.” They said.

Anyway, my point is… Next month or February, they’re allowing transfers into Firona Vie for free (I’m assuming to save the server from completely dying). And the permanent xp bonus, I’m also assuming is to entice people to start coming back or having people transfer over. I’ve been wanting to come back to Firiona Vie for so long. I miss my old friends. I love the fa


4 Responses to “New Changes”

  1. Darkerson Says:

    That just very well be the ticket I need to get back into EverQuest 1. I played a little, but didnt have the time to do much, that and the crappy ass computer I had at the time choked on the game. It would literally reboot everytime i camped out of the damn game. About the only thing i dont like about EQ1 is corpse runs. Other then that i loved it, and could care less about the graphics. Gameplay > Graphics any day. hell, I play MUDS on occasion. It cant get any more low-tech then that. LOL!

  2. missjackie Says:

    It may not have the spiffiest graphics.. but I still love the gameplay. I used to play MUDs all the time.. Hehe. There’s one called Aardwulf that I enjoy playing.

  3. Darkerson Says:

    I love that one. I play it when I get burnt out on a lot of the other games I play, or when the server is down on EQ2X or something. I dont have anything high level, but I enjoy logging on and goofing off every now and then!

  4. Darkerson Says:

    Another one I play on occasion is HellMOO, but that game there is pretty messed up. There is some crazy shit that goes on in it.

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