Black Kitteh

I was playing EQ2 the other day and went over to Halas to do some quests with their festival (they have festivals in home cities every month). So, I saw that one of the vendors had a black robe for like 10 tokens. Did 2 quests, got my 10 tokens and viola. I’mma kitteh in all black. Wee! In case you’re wondering, that’s my dog dog “Heystupid” in the background (I’mma mystic).

In other news, my back is still killing me. Me thinks I have an inflamed disc. I’ve been taking aspirin, but the pain isn’t entirely gone. It’s less severe, but it still hurts like fucking hell when I walk around. Bleh. I have no idea how I happened to re-injure my back. I was completely fine on Monday and then Tuesday comes along.. and I’m crying in pain. *sigh*


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