I went to open up my Limewire today to get some music I had heard on my satellite radio. And I see this:

What gets me is that these courts and/or companies are so incredibly stupid. Once you shut down one piece of area that allows music distribution, you open up 10. For example, if you want a music video from YouTube, all you would have to do is go to an a web site like, type in the url and voila. You have your music video. I take it one step further. I strip the mp3 out of the video and there. I have the mp3 on my ipod.

And technically speaking, it’s not “stealing” music. Let me give you 2 definitions of “stealing”.

-Usually, stealings. something that is stolen.

-given to or characterized by theft.

What that means basically.. is if I go into your home and steal your television, you’re no longer in possession of said television. That is the true definition of stealing. If I were to go into your home and make a copy of your television and leave.. and you’re still in possession of it (your master copy of the song, in this case), how am I “stealing”? Smart people of the interwebs, please explain to me how that is theft?

Before anyone decides to comment, let me explain this to you. If I never had the intention of buying the record, the artist would have never made money off of me in the first place. If they’re not getting money from me buying their record, how is downloading one song any different?

Record companies would rather dig deep in your pockets and steal from you, my hard working people. Rather than be happy that people are spending money at concerts to see these very same people, they go on a crusade to put little old ladies who don’t have a computer in jail. These people are worse than the IRS. I have never bought a copy of an Evanescence album, but have yet managed to go see them TWICE in concert.  My money from the concert goes directly to the band, unlike record sales. To me, going to a concert supports my favorite bands more than just buying their record.


4 Responses to “Limewire”

  1. Darkerson Says:

    The record companies are just mad because they dont have all the control they used to. I feel the same way about going to concerts vs buying CD’s. That way I know my money is actually supporting the bands I love, and not some fat cats that try and bleed all the talent dry.

  2. C Says:

    How do you strip the mp3 from the video? I’ve always wanted to be able to do that.

  3. missjackie Says:

    Software like Goldwave strips it.

  4. Chrétienne Says:

    There’s a program out called “FrostWire” that operates just like LimeWire did. Except it’s blue. It worked fine for me the other day.

    This whole thing sucks because I had a program that used to tap into LimeWire’s network to get things from, and now I have to have two separate clients.

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