New Fallout Game, YAY. :P

I picked up my order of Fallout: New Vegas last night and started playing it. I am so happy it finally came out. I’ve had the game pre-ordered a few months ago and have been putting away $5 a week for it (so I won’t have to pay a whole lump sum when I picked it up).

My first impression of the game was pretty awesome. This week and weekend, I’ll probably play more of it and try to get at least a few more trophies. In the last few months, I’ve been playing more and more console games and less MMO’s. Have no clue why. Anyway, Fallout is pretty sweet (if you’re into shooter rpg’s). I was never really into shooter games before Fallout, but at the suggestion of a friend.. I had picked up Fallout 3 and fell in love with it.


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