Sony Pisses Me Off!

So, Sony announced their date for the next Fan Faire. Of course, it’s in Las Vegas yet again. Once upon a time, they used to allow players to choose a city. Not anymore. Their excuse is that it’s cost effective. Cost effective my balls. Sony makes billions every year, they can certainly afford to have Fan Faire in another city, for fuck’s sake. You know what pisses me off the most? I’ve been playing Sony games for the past 6 years, for once I would actually like to attend a Fan Faire in my lifetime. Last Vegas is certainly not in my price range. And with unemployment skyrocketing, I’m pretty sure that players would love to have it closer to home.

And as I’ve always stated, Sony only cares about your money. Not you as a person. Why should they? They have their hands dipped in almost everything (electronic wise). They’re making plenty of money; why should they even give a fuck about you? Thanks again, you douche bags.


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