Everquest Loyalty Program & New Server

Yesterday, the developers pushed out the ‘everquest loyalty program’ thingy onto live servers. Basically, the longer you subscribe to the game, the more shiny things you can buy with your loyalty tokens. So, instead of pushing more crap onto the Station Cash and making people spend real money on crap they don’t need, they give you something in-game. People are complaining left and right on the forums, like little children. The developers do something nice for once and people are already up in arms. Can’t please everyone, I guess.

One thing they did fuck up though is opening up a new server. For why? Mayong was a complete flop. I was there since opening day and finally got the fuck off in mid-August. By the time I left, the biggest raiding guild on the server pretty much abandoned the place and my guild was the biggest on the server with a whopping 500 people. The idea of even opening a new server is pretty much a retarded idea. Whoever makes these decisions obviously doesn’t play the game. How about just hiring gamers who actually play the fucking game, instead of hiring mongoloids who don’t?

Which brings me to my next thought. Bring back Zatzoia to the EQ1 forums. Kiara and her loyal minions are a bunch of forum nazi’s and a bunch of douche bags. I especially hate her and her little snooty attitude. You can’t even write a constructive post without her or one her titty sucking d-bags deleting it.


One Response to “Everquest Loyalty Program & New Server”

  1. Darkerson Says:

    Yeah, theres a couple complete douche bags on the EQ2X forums that just whine and bitch and complain about every little thing. Cant win for losing.

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