Oh Noes!

Summer is quickly ending soon and I couldn’t be happier. This summer was pretty interesting. Philly had tons of 90+ degree weather, I lost the guild I was leading for a year (on the Mayong server in EQ1), I met some interesting people, and now.. starting next month.. I start school.

I haven’t been to school since I was 18 and I’m scared that 12 years later.. I might fail. I need to re-learn studying habits and make sure that my studying/homework come first. Which is why I plan to study and do my homework at school rather than at home. I can’t do anything at home without my parents being a distraction. All they do is yell, scream, snoop into your business. I regularly compare them to the “Costanza’s” from Seinfield, because well.. they’re exactly like them. Especially my mother. OMG. She’s almost identical to her. This is why I planned a 5 day class schedule. To get away from them as much as possible.

Anyway, other than that.. my summer has been boring. Was supposed to go on vacation yesterday, but didn’t go. I had my Greyhound ticket refunded and stuff. Long story. Would have been nice to actually go and get a mental break for 10 days. Oh well.


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