My bedroom is a complete mess. It’s worse than any guy’s bedroom. I suppose I’m just too lazy to just put things in their place. I promised myself that this Spring, I’d start cleaning my room and organizing my room a little better. I bought a bunch of containers to place things in and make sure they go in the right area. My old bedroom was as small as a closet, so I was more careful to place my things. But, ever since I moved into a bigger bedroom, it became a junkyard since I have more space. I have no idea why I became so lazy in picking up after myself. I just did. I suppose after I injured my back for the 2nd time, cleaning became more of a painful chore than anything. Nowadays, I can only do about 25-30 minutes of cleaning before I have to sit down due to pain. The pain is so bad that I can’t even walk.

My goal this Spring is to at least clean a little bit at a time. 25-30 minutes and take a breather. Then pick up again and do another 25-30 minutes of cleaning. I’m expecting to have a clean area within a few days, since I have a bad back. I’ve already filled up a trash bag full of crap. I can already tell I’ll have about a few more before trash day.


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