New Cell Phone!

I recently ordered a new Blackberry 8707. It’s an older smart phone, but the newer smart phone are extremely expensive. I was able to get 8707 at a reasonable price. It  has all the features I want. The biggest two things for me would be the Twitter app and a calender feature. Instead of lugging around a calender book with me in my purse, I’ll have a cell phone to keep all my appointments.. So I can just whip it out when I need to enter in more crap.

Anyways, nothing new is going on. Next month will be 6 months since I’ve been paying back my old student loan. June 1st, I’ll be able to register for more classes and actually get more student loans and junk. I still have about $1,400 to pay about; but it’s not a biggie. I can still afford the $150 a month payment. It should take me another 9 months to pay back the $1,400. And then my credit report will look a bit nicer. I guess that’s one of the biggest reasons why I’m paying back the old student loan. It put a big black mark on my report (it was an old loan from 2000). I was quite reckless when I was younger. Get credit cards that I couldn’t afford; get student loans I didn’t pay back, etc.

I eventually wanna get an apartment and a psychology job; both of which might check my credit report. It’s actually looking better with every payment, I suppose.

By the way, happy 4/20 bitches! 🙂

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10 Responses to “New Cell Phone!”

  1. Ozzo Says:

    How do you get income to pay back these loans when you’ve never had a job?

  2. missjackie Says:

    ….And how would one know if I’ve never held down a job?

  3. blorfathon Says:

    We all know that you haven’t worked for at least 5 years. Where do you get the money for school, computers, phones, food etc. from? My taxes?

  4. missjackie Says:

    Yeaaaaaaaahhh.. I have absolutely no idea where you get your info, but you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  5. blorfathon Says:

    OK, so where does your income come from? It’s just a simple question.

  6. missjackie Says:

    Even if I told you what I do for money, nothing I tell you will have a good outcome. If I were to tell you what I do as a job, more than likely my employer will get a phone call from one you internet brats and I’ll lose my job. If I were to tell you that I collect money from the government, I’d get ridiculed.

    So, no.. I don’t see how me telling you how I get money is any of your damn business.

  7. mary ingalls Says:

    Miss Jackie, you have never once mentioned what you do for a living. Are we to assume that you live off of welfare, and, if so, where are you finding the requisite references and employment experience to get this “psychology job” (whatever that entails…) ?

    All you talk about is how much this and that sucks, and what you’ve pissed your money away on each week.

  8. missjackie Says:

    Because the less “personal” information I give out, the better. Writing an entry saying what I bought isn’t considered personal. Why do you think the information you get from a WHOIS search on this site comes up as private?

    Anyway, I’m done justifying myself to you’s. If you’re not satisfied, then stop visiting my site.

  9. Chrétienne Says:

    Who gives a shit where she gets her money from, even if it is from your “hard-earned tax dollars”? If you’re so concerned about people abusing the welfare funds, then go fourth and file a complaint with congress and not trolling blogs.

    As for paying for school, I’ve counseled prospective college students, and there are these things called Grants and Scholarships and Loans that are forgiven when you graduate and work in the field of your major (Pell Grant, Perkins Loans). Since she’s going to Community College, I’d assume the Pell Grant would cover much of her education.

    Jackie: I don’t think telling them what field of work you do/did would get you fired, if you would be discreet about it. I tell people that I work in medical. Does that mean I’m a doctor? A nurse? A pharmacist? A tech? An aide? No one knows. There are hundreds of places where I live that they could call, and ask for me, and I’m sure they’d get tired after the first phone call or two. Plus, you can throw them off by telling them that Jackie isn’t anything close to your name. 😀

  10. missjackie Says:

    Thank you! People like you make the interwebs enjoyable. :>

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