Grand Theft Auto IV & Stuff

Tuesday evening, I went over to Gamestop and picked up my Pre-Order of Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City. It finally came out for the Playstation 3 console. There’s 2 games on 1 disc (The Lost & Damned and The Ballads of Gay Tony). Anyway, I started playing Lost & Damned. Pretty cool game so far. Way too much cursing.. of which I don’t mind.. Because I curse like a sailor.

Originally I was pissed that they only released it for the XBox.. I was hoping that one day.. stupid Rockstar would release it for the PS3. One of the biggest reasons why I didn’t buy a XBox is because I refuse to pay Microslop. They can go to hell for all I care. Besides that, anything that Microslop makes.. is basically.. well.. slop and nothing but refuse. Why should I dish out money for a console that’s shitty and always breaks down? Just because every moron out there owns one (a moron who doesn’t know quality hardware from a dick in his ass), doesn’t mean I should too.

That reminds me, ‘Naughty Bear’ is coming out in June and I absolutely cannot wait. It looks funny, adorable (in a mass bear slaughter kinda way), and very fun to play. And stuff. 😉


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