Both my father and his family doctor are idiots. She gave him diabetic medicine, without even testing him properly. As someone who had to go through the process of getting tested, it pisses me off that she’s so goddamn incompetent. She hasn’t even issued a glucose tolerance test; which determines if you have diabetes. She’s just going by a blood sugar test, which fluctuates anyways and he’s too dumb to even take the test on an empty stomach. Taking diabetic medicine when you’re not even diabetic can land you in the fucking hospital, but he doesn’t want to listen to me. He thinks I’m crazy for taking his pills away from him and flushing them down the toilet. Excuse me if I don’t you to end up in the fucking hospital for taking medicine you’re not supposed to take. That’s like giving Synthroid to a patient that doesn’t have problems with their thyroid; just because they’re complaining that their throat hurts a little.

Sometimes I just want to smack the living piss out of people for being so goddamn stupid.

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