Any Good Movies?

I’m going to be seeing Avatar this Friday. Any of you suggest any good movies to see? There’s a few other movies I wanted to go see.. Like Legion and The Book of Eli, but I’m not entirely sure if I can convince anyone to go with me. 😛

Anyway, my guild just recently hit 200 members and I’m pretty happy about that. We’re the 6th biggest guild on the server. Last time I checked, the biggest guild had around 440 people in it. I’ve asked my guild if they wanted to start raiding every Saturday, but it seems like they’d rather group than raid. Which is fine by me.

2 Responses to “Any Good Movies?”

  1. We Fly Spitfires Says:

    If you see Book if Eli, let me know if it’s any good. Maybe I’m playing too much Fallout 3 but I’m in the mood for an apocolyptic film right now 🙂

  2. Chrétienne Says:

    If Saw 6 was still in theaters, I’d recommend that. The ending was awesome. 🙂

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