Everquest Gripe

My biggest frustration is when a player decides to become a cleric.. they have absolutely no fucking clue what they’re doing. I have absolutely no problem when we get a cleric in group and they’re doing what the fuck they’re supposed to do.

I was in a group today with a cleric. I asked for spell haste probably 3 times before they even casted it on me. When I still had my level 75 cleric.. the very first time someone asked for spell haste I gave it to them. Not the 3rd time. After asking for it 3 times, I got the sinking feeling that the cleric was a complete moron. Then, she whips out her tank mercenary.. and just sits there as he’s dying. Hello? Are you not a fucking cleric who heals or just a complete imbecile? Then.. she just stands there as a mob is beating on her.. then dies.

I swears to god. Sometimes I just wanna smack someone for being so goddamn stupid.


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