150 Members :P

Recently my guild in EQ1 has hit 150 members. It may have taken about…. 6 months to get. But the thing is, we’re not a raiding guild. If we had been, the numbers would have been much higher. I originally built the guild around casual grouping. People these days.. all they want is raid, raid, raid. “Screw the grouping side of EQ1.”

Back when I was still on Firiona Vie and a cleric.. all everyone ever wanted me for was raids. And I got really burnt out on them because of it. When I made the move to Mayong, I definitely wanted a more relaxed environment where I wasn’t pressured.

Fortunately.. building the guild around casual grouping, I haven’t had much drama in the guild. Which is weird. Majority of our members are over 30 and are married.. even though I recruit 18 and over. I think because of that, there’s virtually no drama. Most of them enjoy picking on their beloved guild leader (~snicker~), but they do it out of fondness.. I think?


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