Moving Forward

This coming week, I have an appointment at the Admissions office at a local college. Officially, the new semester starts in January but I can’t wait. 2 years until I get a degree (that is, if I pass everything). After that, I’ll be looking for a job outside of Philadelphia. I am so sick and tired of living here. If I managed to live here for this long, I’m pretty sure I can suffer another 2 years. It’s not so much the city that bothers me (I’m sure there’s assholes everywhere). It’s my father. He simply makes life miserable.

Anyway, these last few days have been really chilly and nippley. And rainy. Cold and rain don’t go together. It just makes it feel worse than it actually is. Lately, I’ve been thinking about going back to video blogging but haven’t had any motivation to actually sit in front of a camera again. I actually enjoy reading ridiculous comments from idiots. It’s just that.. there’s really not much for me to talk about. I never understood why anyone out there was interested in hearing about my boring life. Eh, oh well.

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One Response to “Moving Forward”

  1. TJ Says:

    I enjoy reading about your life, missjackie! 😦

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