Worthless Bum

I recently found out that because of my loser father, we might lose the house. Because of his idiocy and money spending, my parents don’t have the fucking money to pay for the mortgage. So, next month.. I might be homeless because of that worthless piece of shit asshole loser bum of a father. And then he wonders why I hate the bastard. I don’t hate many people. I may dislike you, but not to the point of hating you. My “father” is one of those pricks that I do actually hate. He spends money on shit he doesn’t need, then blames Blake and I for not helping him. Well, gee asshole. If you didn’t spend money on crap you didn’t need, maybe you’d have money to pay for the fucking mortgage? If he doesn’t come up with the money soon, Blake and I are going to start selling his crap on Craig’s List and see if we can come up with the money. We already plan on selling his 2 big screen LCD tv’s, then he absolutely didn’t need. We’ll probably get about $500-750 each.


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