My Absense

I know I’ve been away, but I’ve been busy. Couple things have happened in the last few weeks/days.

  • New server in EQ1 – I left my old server of Firiona Vie for Mayong. I couldn’t stand solo’ing anymore. Even being a level 75 cleric, I still barely couldn’t find groups.
  • New notebook computer – I recently purchased a Sony Vaio laptop. I was finally able to save up enough money to buy a decent laptop. Took me a while, but I finally did it. The suckiest thing about the computer is that I’m unable to “upgrade” to Windows XP from Vista. The very first 30 minutes of owning the computer, I wanted to throw it against the wall. I just couldn’t stand it. Fortunately, Blake was able to figure out a way to stop the annoying “Are you sure you want to kill yourself? Are you really, really sure?” I also went in and removed 90% of the software that came with the computer. All this extra shit I didn’t need was slowing down the computer. I’ve been playing a lot of Everquest with the laptop. I’ve read reviews about my current laptop and was reading that people have had horrible frame rates with gaming. The computer runs fine for me. I haven’t had any problems. Was thinking that people are just generally stupid and don’t think to remove all the extra unnecessary software that companies install.
  • And that’s my life in a nutshell.

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