CVS Pharmacy Sucks

So, my mom picked up a prescription for me at the CVS pharmacy on Monday. It was for a bottle of pain killers. My last refill. When I opened the bag, it didn’t look like my usual 180 tablets. I asked Blake to count them and there were only 100 in the bottle. Which is weird. I called the pharmacy up and told them that they didn’t give me the correct amount. The 1st guy put me on hold and then a second guy came on. I told him the same thing. And guess what the douche bag told me? “Oh, we re-count everything. You have the correct amount.” Basically, calling me a fucking liar. I have never once called that fucking pharmacy and complained that I’m missing pain killers. Who knows how many times they tried to screw me over? I told the asshole that I am in fact missing pills and I can come in with the fucking bottle. “No, we re-count them. You have the correct amount.” What-EVER. I hung up and called my health insurance and complained about it. The representative put me on hold and called the pharmacy. And guess what? I was in fact getting the rest of my 80 pills. Which is odd..They gave me the correct amount of pills and yet I was able to pick up the rest of my medication.

My point is… count your fucking pills and always, always, always call your insurance if you’re missing any. Your insurance is paying their fucking bills and the pharmacy knows that. I would have understood if I were missing 2-3 pills. It could have been a simple mistake. But 80? That’s obviously fraud.


One Response to “CVS Pharmacy Sucks”

  1. wow Says:

    Could it have been your Mom took some out? We do recount them!!!

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