T-Mobile Stupidity

Who are they hiring for these call centers? I’m on the phone now with a representative and I had to explain my situation 5 different times in order for the stupid cunt to even understand me.

See, the problem is.. I can’t use Twitter on my cell phone. I’ve always had a problem sending SMS text messages to Twitter through T-Mobile. It always said ‘Access Denied’. It’s happened with 2 cell phones already. So, I call them and ask them why the messages were denied.

Their solution? “We have no idea what you’re talking about because we’re complete imbeciles, so you’re gonna have to contact Twitter yourself. Good luck.” Fucking douche bag service, I tells ya. Utter morons.


One Response to “T-Mobile Stupidity”

  1. acarmel Says:

    I agree that when I go out and receive bad service, it can go for ruining a perfectly good day, but I work in customer service department and I deal w/ so many jerk offs that it’s a wonder why people get bad service.
    When you come across a handful of good people you just want to praise them and wish everyone was as nice as they were.
    So most of the time I try to overlook bad service although I shouldn’t. We shouldn’t be treated bad b/c of somebody else.
    Anyone ever heard of treat your neighbor as u want to be treated.

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