The Unborn

I saw this movie on my birthday (this past Sunday). It was a so-so movie. The lead actress (the one in the photo) is a sweet piece of ass though. The biggest thing I didn’t like about the movie was the Apple product placements. It was like Apple paid the producers money to place their products into the movie. I saw three items that came from Apple (iPod, iMac, and iPhone). WTF? I understand if one item was in the movie, but 3?


2 Responses to “The Unborn”

  1. organicfunny Says:

    product placement is rough. but now you’ve just assisted apple’s product placement even more. o’ the capitalist curse!

  2. The Cinema Hub Says:

    They put products in films nowadays because, according to market research reports, very few people actual watch commercials and if they do, they’re usually tuned out so the message doesn’t get across to consumers…although it is annoying when you see only 1 company’s products throughout the damn film.

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