Views on Abortion

I know this is a controversial subject, but oh well.

I never thought that abortion was the right thing. Honestly, I do think abortion is murder. Abortion should be illegal and the women who do get them should be burned at the stake, along with the doctors who perform them. What “sane” woman would kill her unborn baby? I don’t care if it was a result in poor judgement (no condoms), rape, molestation, etc. It’s not the unborn child’s fault.

Life starts at conception. I don’t care what the morons out there tell you, but it is and always will be murder. The doctor’s who perform them and the women who decide to get them should in fact be either placed in jail or murdered themselves.

I may be a liberal, but I do believe in pro-life.


One Response to “Views on Abortion”

  1. jesurgislac Says:

    It is interesting how “pro-life” has been distorted away from its literal meaning – respect for human life, support for human life – into “forced pregnancy”.

    I mention this to you because I’ve seldom read a single blog post that conveyed so briefly, and so clearly, that while you do not value human life, you do believe in forced pregnancy/childbirth.

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