I’m seriously thinking about quitting EQ1. I’ve already cancelled my Everquest 2 account. I am just tired of their customer service. It’s extremely crappy. I’d rather have Blizzard than Sony any day. At least when a Blizzard employee answers my help requests, I don’t get an idiot answer.

I don’t know. Most of these companies.. majority of them only care about your money and nothing else. You, the paying consumer mean nothing to them. As long as they have your money, you the person.. is piece of shit. I’m really thinking of only playing those free online mmorpg’s, instead of paying for one. There’s Perfect World with Blake and DOMO with my friend Anthony.

Don’t get me wrong. I love EQ1 and 2. The game play is great. But it’s the customer service that drives me nuts. They completely censor your posts on their forums. If you try to write anything negative against the company, they automatically remove your post, like it never existed. Either it’s happy horse shit or nothing. As a paying customer, I think I have everything fucking right to complain. If they were free, it’d be a completely different story.


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