Injections Suck!

Yesterday, I had an appointment to get a back injection. Since I have a large protrusion in my lower back (from a herniated disc), it hurts like a bitch.

So, I get there. Wait about 1.5 hours. Go back. They take my vitals, etc. Then I go into the little OR room. They put the blood pressure cuff and heart rate monitor on me. Everything was fine up until the doctor started putting the needles in my back. It hurt like a fucking motherfucker. My blood pressure and heart rate went through the roof. Blood pressure was 179/103. Which is incredibly high.

Then the nurse tells me, “Wow, that’s high. Are you okay?” Gee, lady. I’m having needles stuck in my back and the doctor is causing immense pain to go down my legs. I don’t know if I’m okay. By the time I was done, they rolled me back to the recovery room and my head is feeling weird from the high blood pressure. Within 10 minutes, it goes back to normal (129/73). *sigh* If it’s going to hurt that goddamn bad, what’s the point of coming back? Why should I suffer hell just for a little bit of relief? I don’t know. The doctor said that they’re giving me a less painful injection next time. So, who knows?

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