My Anemia

I have Vitamin B12 deficiency anemia. (More info here: link) I found out I had a B12 deficiency when my family doctor ran a routine blood test to find out why I was always tired and worn out. Unforunately, it causes various annoying symptoms, that which left untreated, will continue to annoy me. For example, ringing in the ears. For years, doctors thought that I may have “Schizoaffective Disorder“, but the various drugs they placed me on, didn’t work. I never noticed any improvement with the ringing in my ears. Then I was referred to a neurologist, who had thought I had “Petit mal seizures“, which I think I may have, but not due to my hearing.

I see my family doctor next week, to ask if he could put me on a B12 nasal spray, so I can see if my symptoms get any better. Since the nasal spray goes directly into the blood, I wouldn’t need to worry about absortion. Blah.


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