Crappy Computers!

I need help from you computer genius’s and stuff. I’ve been having problems with playing video’s on my computer. Whenever I load a video through Windows Media Player or another video player called VLC, the computer slows down to a crawl and I can barely do anything. WinBAR states that I still have 1.7 gigs left of memory, after loading the video. So, it’s definitely not swapping RAM onto the hard drive. It also does it when I try to watch a DVD through WinDVD. I’ve tried various different video player software and various different DVD player softwares. And all come back with the same result. Everything else is fine. No virus’s, adware, spyware. Nothing. Just slows down incredibly when I try to run a video.

Any idea’s on how to fix it?


3 Responses to “Crappy Computers!”

  1. your mom Says:

    Oh my God you are such an enlightened person, I cannot believe such a humongous, giantic, gargantuan, colossal, insight could come from a wonderful person like yourself.

    (Oh shit, my sarcasmometer is about to…Noooo!!!…. [sound of explosion])

  2. Mad Scientist Says:

    As helpful as that last comment was, I think I may be able to help. It sounds like you don’t have the latest (or even correct) video drivers for your computer. Visit the manufacturer’s website, and search for ‘graphics driver’ under your model #. Download and install, and hopefully you’ll be able to watch videos at a decent clip. If not, you may need to reinstall the necessary codecs (they tell your computer how to decode video and audio) for whatever type of video you’re watching (there are far too many to try to fit into a comment). I wish you luck, and suggest you stick to VLC for your future needs (Windows Media Player is something I refer to as a steaming pile of poo).

  3. missjackie Says:

    Are there any sites you can suggest for codecs that don’t include any types of viruses and stuff like that? 🙂

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